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Expert Divorce and Co-parenting Solutions


You Deserve Peace.

Whether you are contemplating a divorce or coming out of a divorce and creating a new family, there is a team that will support you in the process and often that team is found in the legal system. But if you are looking for someone who can help you and your family through the process, saving you the stress of court or the strain of finding a solution through attorney’s and drawn out processes, I can help.

Find Your Own Path.

I help couples, families and individuals impacted by divorce find solutions towards more peace in their life and relationships. It means money in your pockets instead of paying lawyers every time you have a disagreement.  It means enjoying your children's milestones together like graduations, weddings, holidays and the births of your grandchildren.  It means not living with bitterness or letting your divorce define your story.

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I love helping families have hard conversations.  I especially like helping coparents come together and make decisions in the best interest of their children.  Sometimes parents need to be reminded that they are the parents and have to do the harder things.  I am a mediator.  I am a therapist/counselor.  I am a parent.  I am divorced.  I get this is hard.  But I also understand the peace that can come from coparenting well.

When your family life feels overwhelming and it is time to begin to have some hard conversations, I can help! I specialize in Parent Coordination, Co-Parenting Counseling, Reunification Counseling, Blended and Family Counseling and Couples and Individual Counseling. Whatever your age or stage in life at Sparrow Counseling, LLC you will be reminded that you have value and that there is a purpose in the struggle and hope is within your reach.