What is Reunification Therapy?

Reunification therapy or family reintegration therapy is a family-centered intervention.  This therapy helps children reestablish a healthy relationship with both parents after a time of absence from one of the parents. The absence of one parent can be as a result from substance abuse, incarceration, DHR involvement, a high-conflict divorce, parental alienation, or a combination of these issues. In this unique process, the family therapist helps the parents remove the barriers to reunification and acts as the diplomat for the children. Reunification is typically ordered by the court with a Guardian-ad-Litem in place.

We divorced.  Why does the whole family have to be involved?

For reunification to truly be successful, the whole family must participate.  In various combinations, as I see necessary.  The process will include meetings between myself and each of the parents and the children individually and jointly.  The process may include interviews and/or meetings with other family members if I believe they play a integral part in the family system.

What does the process look like?

In order for reunification to be successful, it is imperative that both parents understand and respond appropriately to the process. A lot of the therapy focuses on helping the estranged/rejected parent and child(ren) re-establish a healthy relationship. However, the favored parent also plays a significant and supportive role in order to assist in the reunification success. In fact, the experts in this field are now saying the favored parent plays a crucial role to the success of this therapy. Therefore, this therapy is not between just the rejected parent and the child(ren).  There will also be individual or joint sessions with the favored parent.  I will determine when those sessions should occur.