The US Census states that there are over 1300 new stepfamilies every day. Blended families are a very important part of our family structure. There are a number of dynamics that come into play with a blended family.  For instance, stressors like children, sibling rivalry, marital dynamics, and dealing with co-parents all play a role in blending a family.  Learning healthy ways to communicate and integrate family members into your blended family is crucial.

Everyone has a role and some roles have more authority whereas, some roles may need more of a voice. In a stepfamily, usually, there is a shift in roles.  Navigating the challenges of blended families is difficult which is why counseling can help with those challenges. Having an outsider look into the dynamics of your family and give a therapeutic perspective can be very powerful. Why wait?

As a PREPARE/ENRICH certified counselor, I have the ability to give parenting tests. These tests can help couples with parenting and stepparenting which empowers parents by giving them insight into their parenting style, family dynamics, and couple relationship.

Goals of the Parenting Version for PREPARE/ENRICH:

  • Explore strengths and growth areas as partners and parents.

  • Strengthen communication with your partner and children.

  • Identify and manage parenting stress.

  • Discuss parenting styles and how you work together as a team.

  • Increase parenting confidence and satisfaction.

Parenting Content:

  • Parenting Stress Profile.

  • Co-Parenting or Step Parenting.

  • Family Spiritual Beliefs (optional scale).

  • Family Map.

Other scales may include:

  • Five parenting styles- Global

  • Five parenting styles- by child

  • Confidence in parenting

  • Child behavior issues checklist

  • Family communication

  • Family satisfaction

  • Relationship satisfaction by child

  • Communication satisfaction by child